Why did the first album was recorded in Berlin?

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Only a very few studios in the world are capable of accommodating the largest recording gigs: full orchestra sessions, with up to 80 musicians playing in the live room all at the same time. The legendary Teldex Studio in Berlin is among them. One of its founder, Tobias Lehmann – a three-time Grammy Award winner – was the sound engineer.

The 455–square–metre live room, which has almost the same size and proportions as Abbey Road’s Studio One. The famous recording hall, the state of the art equipment – including a unique collection of vintage microphones – and the experience of the producers and engineers ensure first class productions, no matter what style of music. That’s why many celebrities in the field of different genres, including artists such as Roger Waters, Rammstein, Celine Dion, Britney Spears, have also found their way into the studio.