Today we celebrate!

Posted by Kokourov Category: General, Music, Personal

I would like to present to you my debut album ‘notes’.

I would like to thank everyone who helped me make my dream come true. Thank you to my friends for their support, questions, comments and constructive criticism. Thank you for your interest in me and my music. I know classical music isn’t the most popular genre, but I’ve never doubted that I chose the right path. You proved it to me.

Every composition from the album tells a story. A story about Siberia, its mighty greatness and its ability to take your breath away. Every composition is inspired by famous classical music composers whose music helped me develop my musical taste, and by more “heavy” music genres, such as metal. That’s where it all started – with an attempt to combine two magnificent genres and prove that not everything has to be done by the book.

Listen to the music. Play it to your family. To your friends and neighbors. Let passers-by hear it on the street. Let passengers hear it from your earphones in public transport. Today we celebrate classical music. Listen to it: