Konstantin Kokourov – In The Witch House (Scoring Video)

«In the Witch House» is one of the most difficult and ambiguous music pieces. Unusual piano melodies sound like the «voices» of the hall orchestra there. The role of the pianist Pavel Shatsky in the clip for this composition was presented in a very peculiar way. Now we present scoring video for this music piece, so you can learn how to play this music yourself. © 2019 Harat’s Music Second single from album “notes” composed and arranged by Konstantin Kokourov Produced by Leonid Burlakov Audio Production Sound, Editing, Engineering: Tobias Lehmann at Teldex Studio (Berlin, Germany) Mixing: Vladimir Ovchinnikov at Matvienko Music Studio (Moscow, Russia) Conductor: Bernhard Wunsch at Scoring Berlin Orchestra (Berlin, Germany) Mastering Engineer: Christoph Stickel at CS Mastering (Vienna, Austria) Choirmaster: Evgeny Volkov at Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir (Moscow, Russia) Piano: Pavel Shatskiy Additional Arrangements: Andrey Timonin Partitas: Vyacheslav Akhmetzyanov Sound Engineers: Cornelius Durst at Teldex Studio, Sergei Kruglov at Mosfilm TonStudio Video Production: Yulia Timonina