Konstantin Kokourov – Air (Sсoring Video)

“Bach and Beethoven’s music can be easily performed on the guitar, classical music has much more in common with rock than you can imagine,” – Konstantin Kokourov said. He is a young composer of academical music who grew up on heavy metal. “Air” is a cover version of Jason Becker’s composition from the album Perpetual Burn, released 30 years ago. «Absolutely fantastic!» – Jason Becker said about this work. The expression and technicality of this music are revealed even more clearly in the performance of a symphony orchestra conducted by Bernhard Wünsch and Pavel Shatsky on piano. “Live video conveys the emotional tension of the music itself and what was happening during the recording, and this one will help musicians to learn the score”, Pavel said, “Guitar composition with a strict, monochrome sound turned into expanded symphonic poem, which combines different timbres and different instruments. It’s not easy to perform it, but it is possible. It is very interesting challenge”. “Air” was recorded in Berlin at Teldex Studio with other compositions, written by Konstantin Kokourov himself. Work in Germany is only the beginning of a long way. Music language, used by the composer, is international. He began a dialogue with the whole world, making these pieces of music. He hopes, they will be performed all over the planet.