Konstantin Kokourov – Air (Teaser)

On December 7, 2018 extremely popular American virtuoso of the guitar Jason Becker released his new album Triumphant Hearts. The best guitarists and vocalists of heavy music – Paul Gilbert, Marty Friedman, Joe Satriani, Steve Morse, Trevor Rabin, Joe Bonamassa – took part in the recording. Thus they supported the musician, who has been suffering from terrible amyotrophic lateral sclerosis for many years. Jason can communicate and compose music only by moving his eyes. Doctors predicted that Becker would last five years, but he has been struggling with the illness for three decades. Becker also has many fans in Russia. A young classical composer Konstantin Kokourov is among them. He included a cover version of his favorite composition Air from the first Becker’s release Perpetual Burn in his first album Notes. Perpetual Burn was released 30 years ago. Jason and Konstantin still stay in touch. The guitar player has already heard a demo version of Air and gave his approval. Konstantin Kokourov’s album was recorded in Berlin at Teldex Studio, performed by the Scoring Berlin Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Bernhard Wünsch. Tobias Lehmann – a three-time Grammy Award winner – was the sound engineer. The release is scheduled for February-March 2019.

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