Konstantin Kokourov – In The Witch House

What if we combine classical music with horror? Viewers will find out, when they see the first clip of Konstantin Kokourov “In the Witch House”. The shooting began at midnight and continued until the participants of «the last supper» were frightened off by the first rays of the sun. It was happening in the twilight, in the gloomy building of the former factory on the outskirts of Moscow. Yuri Volev – the clip director – did magic from every shot and every movement, like a real sorcerer. The pianist Pavel Shatsky played the main role. Something strange happened with him that night… Audio Production Sound, Editing, Engineering: Tobias Lehmann at Teldex Studio (Berlin, Germany) Mixing: Vladimir Ovchinnikov at Matvienko Music Studio (Moscow, Russia) Conductor: Bernhard Wunsch at Scoring Berlin Orchestra (Berlin, Germany) Mastering Engineer: Christoph Stickel at CS Mastering (Vienna, Austria) Choirmaster: Evgeny Volkov at Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir (Moscow, Russia) Piano: Pavel Shatskiy Additional Arrangements: Andrey Timonin Partitas: Vyacheslav Akhmetzyanov Sound Engineers: Cornelius Durst at Teldex Studio, Sergei Kruglov at Mosfilm TonStudio Video Production Idea: Leonid Burlakov Director & Operator: Yuri Volev First Assistance: Vyacheslav Valiliev Second Assistance: Aleksey Gadalkin Actor: Pavel Shatskiy #volevproduction