Andrey Timonin – Whirlwind (Music by Konstantin Kokourov)

Singer and songwriter Julia Timonina has prepared an outstanding visualization specially for the release of Andrew Timonin’s cover of Konstantin Kokourov’s «Whirlwind». The video’s premiere took place at “16 Tonn” club as a part of the festival «YIII», dedicated to release of the homonymous album which contained the song «Whirlwind». “This is a picture of the Baikal’s nature in motion, — says Julia, — It symbolizes lack of time as an idea for the universe. It doesn’t matter how long will our planet exist, in this area clouds, fog and water will stream forever. This is an anomalistic zone where a smartphone can easily be out of charge within several minutes. Its nature is stronger than a human. This is a reminder of the fact that a human is nothing in comparison with even slight whirlwind which can kill him if he wouldn’t respect him. This hierarchy is as simple as the tick of waltz. Video – Julia Timonina Music – Konstantin Kokourov Piano – Pavel Shatsky Mastering – Wim Bult Remixed – Andrey Timonin Poduced – Leonid Burlakov